About the Framework

Purpose of the Framework

Innovation and RD&E are key drivers to improving productivity and competitiveness in the primary industries sector, and making best use of Australia's natural resources under a changing climate.

The National RD&E Framework will facilitate greater coordination among the different Commonwealth, State governments, CSIRO, RDCs, industry and university sectors to better harmonise their roles in RD&E related to primary industries and assure that they work together effectively to maximise net benefits to Australia.

The National RD&E Framework supports a strong culture of collaboration and coordination between the bodies, strengthens national research capability to better address sector and cross sector issues and focuses research, development and extension (RD&E) resources so they are used more effectively, efficiently and collaboratively, thereby reducing capability gaps, fragmentation and unnecessary duplication in primary industries RD&E.

The Framework is driving a more collaborative and less fragmented research capabilities with effectiveness of R,D & E being improved overall.

Agencies will retain and build capability in fields strategically important to their jurisdictions and industries. Over time, capability will be consolidated into stronger national centres or networks, and it will become more apparent where career prospects in a particular industry or field lie. Agencies may also exit capability in some areas not strategically relevant.